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Final File formats supplied (with brief description)

The importance of high resolution file formats
You will be supplied with high resolution files that can be reduced or enlarged without the loss of image quality. You will not have reproduction issues and will not be subject to additional design costs to edit or fix your design files. 600 dpi file formats are standard formats we supply to all our clients.  Some other logo design companies supply 72 dpi file formats which are fine for web use but can not be used for any other reproduction.

Final color codes CMYK:
A color mode made up of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K) that produces true blacks and a wide tonal range. In the CMYK color mode, color

values are expressed as percentages; therefore, a value of 100 for an ink means that it is applied at full saturation.

A color mode in which the three colors of light (red, green, and blue) are combined in varying intensities to produce all other colors. A value
between 0 and 255 is assigned to each channel of red, green and blue. Monitors, scanners, and the human eye use RGB to produce or detect color.

True Type Fonts:
The fonts that are printed as vectors or bitmaps, depending on the capabilities of your printer. True Type fonts are printed the way they appear on the screen and can be resized to any height. We supply all the fonts that are used in your final logo design. Having the exact font files make it very simply for your local printer, web site design company, or promotional material manger to reproduce your logo design exactly the way you want it to look. Some printers will charge extra to match fonts, this can cause your logo design to look different than the one we supply to you. Having all the fonts will save you time and money and will keep a consistent look with all your marketing material. The fonts that we supply to you are very easy to install, you may call one of our design managers to assist you to install the fonts if you do run into any problems.

All final design files above can be used for Mac and / or PC. We also can supply you with the exact color codes and fonts making using your designs even easier.

We supply you with the high resolution master vector files that can be used for any type of reproduction.